2012 26 Jun

Where we came from

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Welcome to our development-blog!

The idea for Chaos Chronicles sprang from one simple fact: At one day we sat together at lunch and discussed a couple of recent RPGs like Dragon Age or Oblivion and while we agreed that those were great games we missed a lot of the elements that roleplaying games we played back in the late 80s and early 90s on our Commodore 64s and Amigas were a very different thing and that we missed a lot of the elements that made those games so exciting.

We couldn’t help but wonder if there were others that remembered games like the Goldbox D&D series from SSI or even more old school games like Phantasie or the early Ultimas and Wizardry games that were a lot more about the world and its locations than about the fate of a single character whose fate is told in a cinematic storyline. Games were you created your own party and sometimes you had to live with the fact that one of its members didn’t return from a dungeon and you had to move on replace it but would remember that knight or wizard and the epic battle where he fell protecting another party member or casting that one spell that turned the battle around in the favor of your party through the rest of the game while leveling its replacement.

Chaos Chronicles became some sort of idea that we carried around for a while. We dug out old game manuals and emulators and discussed our experience with those old games from a modern point of view. We took notice of other games that gained some recognition for being old school like Etrian Odyssey or The Dark Spire on the Nintendo DS games that seemed to appeal to a nice audience but proved that there were many others around with fond memories of the old days of computer RPGs.
In the Source of Inspiration we want to take you through some of the games that inspired us to work on a game like Chaos Chronicles. We want you to understand some of the elements in the game and where they come from. Or feel welcome to contribute your own memory of the game if you are one of those old school gamers who remember any of the games, just like us.

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