2012 15 Sep

Help needed for a classic!

Categories: General

What an awesome night! Have you seen it? The guys from Obsidian have launched their own Kickstarter. It’s for a game called Project Eternity  (Working Title). And it’s going to be a classic CRPG. That’s right! The team which employees a lot of people who worked on games such as Baldur’s Gate or Planescape: Torment is trying to bring back these sort of games, too. They have a slightly different approach compared to us as they are going for a  tactical real-time with pause combat-system but still: They are going for a classic roleplaying game!

Amazing fact: In under 24 hours they got this project almost funded. It’s right now at $838,367 from the needed  $1,100,000. This is great in several ways. First of all: It’s pretty sure already that we’re going to get Project Eternity. And the other reason: This shows us that there is indeed a market for a classic RPG.

What you can do? Well.  We already pledged a little bit. Go to their Kickstarter. Help them. Pledge some money. Support this movement. Show them (and the rest of the world, including big publishers) that the time has come for the return of real RPGs. We definitely want to see more such games (and want to create them). It’s in your hands.

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