2012 07 Oct

Survey #1: Race/Gender stereotypes in High Fantasy

Categories: Game Design, Survey

As mentioned in the previous post, we are currently working hard on the storytelling part of Chaos Chronicles.┬áIn this context, we discussed about stereotypes in High Fantasy settings, especially those about race and gender. Here are two examples how we planned to include those ‘racial’ habits in our game:

a) Your party enters a stinking place that is totally messed with old food. The elf in your party is disgusted about the smell; the halfing complains about the big waste of food and the male warrior asked one of your female party members to clean this place.

b) Your party discovered an old dwarven forge provided with firewood taken from surrounding woods. The dwarf in your party starts to praise the superior blacksmith skills of his people; the elf blames the dwarves for chopping down ‘holy’ trees. The halfing proposes to use the forge to create another tasty meal.

What do you think about the use of classical stereotypes with your own characters? Do you think that those characteristics are acceptable for a High Fantasy game or should the game leave those personalities to your own imagination?

Please contribute your opinion (if you have one) !